Is it easy to learn sign language?

People are quite confused as to when sign language could have possibly come into the picture. Some people believe that the early man had used sign language to communicate with each other before he started to learn to speak and use oral communication. We can see that many tribes and other early communities have used sign languages while hunting. Cave dwellers used cave painting and other gestures to communicate with each other. Sign language has evolved slowly, and today many people can understand and communicate with deaf and mute people very easily through sign languages.

Previously people struggled to learn sign languages as there were not many resources available to people to learn. Deaf people were set apart, and they lived as a community, and before the 19th-century people believed that deaf people were incapable of learning and understanding other oral languages.

Juan Pablo Bonet had first published a book for the deaf community so that they will be able to learn how to communicate with each other. Later many colleges were started exclusively for deaf people, and sign language has become popular, and many people have started to learn the language.

With the advent of technology learning sign language has never been easier. The following are some of the places you can learn sign language:

YouTube videos:

YouTube has been one of the best places to learn anything in this world. There are many videos online which you can refer and learn. There are many teachers with YouTube channels who teach sign languages, and you can watch their videos and learn from those videos. All you need is a proper internet connection, and you can easily learn sign languages just by sitting at home and watching some videos.

Web resources:

There are many books and other data on the internet which you can download and read for better understanding of the sign language. You can also connect with many people over a blog and try to know how they learnt sign language.


Mobile applications:

With the advent of smart-phones, we have started to use mobile applications for many things, and there are many applications which teach you to sign languages. You can download such apps and practise the language.

Take up classes:

If you are very keen on learning sign languages, then it is advised to take up classes that are available in your locality. These classes will have professions who will help you out with many things.

Join a deaf club or a community:

Joining a community or a club will make you meet people who use sign language on a daily basis, and you can learn from them. It will be a great experience to meet new people and learn from them. As you interact with them and hear their stories, you will be more inspired to learn more things about sign language.