Class (weekly classes, toddler – teens)

Your personal instructor will deliver a fun, interactive, musical, learn-through-play (age appropriate of course) weekly program to your students.  You decide how many classes you want (min. 3), you decide which classrooms will participate, you decide what topic/theme you would like us to cover.  It’s all up to you!

Sample Program: FOOD (30 min, 2 1/2 - 4 Y)

Hello/ Welcome Song Practice Our Names/Letters Movement song: e.g. "If You Like to EAT apples, stomp your feet" (repeat with a new food each time) Story: e.g. The Hungry Caterpillar (Signs: HUNGRY, EAT, APPLE, PEAR, PLUM, ORANGE, STRAWBERRY, days of the week, colours of the foods, etc.) Movement song: e.g. "I'm Hungry" by Erick Traplin (Signs: all food items and HUNGRY, PLEASE, TUMMY, YUMMY)

Discussion: e.g. What did you eat for breakfast? Everyone shares and we practice the signs to match. Healthy Food puzzle Goodbye Song This program is similar to a weekly extracurricular program like music, yoga or French that many day cares are including to enhance the curriculum. The program can run for as little as 3 weeks or up to the entire school year (Sep - Jun) and anything in between.

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